Technology Previews.

Tags: disable-taskbar, gaming, tools, claptrap

Technology Previews have smal pieces of technology in them that I'm planning to integrate into another application as and when possible.

Disable Taskbar.

Disables the taskbar.  


Disclaimer:  These are tech previews, designed to get feedback on whether the features are useful.  I hope it works for you but I make no promises.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the zipfile from here
  • Extract zipfile to a folder on your machine.
  • Double Click "DisableTB.exe" 
  • On Windows 7 (Possibly Vista) windows will ask if you want to run this file (Because it came from tinternet) say yes.
  • Press "Disable Taskbar"
  • Try your Taskbar Key.  (Be awed if it doesnt pop up, dissapointed if it still does).
  • Press "enable". 
  • Try your Taskbar Key ( Be awed if it pops up again, reboot if it doesnt!)
  • Send me FEEEEEDBACK!  I need to know - does it rock? Does it suck? Should it be included in claptrap or as a standalone little tool? Click here and add a comment so I know what you think....