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All of the crazy and not so crazy ideas that I work on.

Bristol Central Taekwon-Do

Status: Live
Main Page:

Taekwondo club website, with member logon and gallery upload.


Status: Alpha.
Main Page:  Claptrap

Macro execution and program automation tool, in use by a select few for automating laborious tasks.  Includes the ability to swarm different machines to ensure that macros are run on different machines.


Status: Pre Alpha.
Main Page: Boondoggle

Battling C# Robots, whats not to love.

Boondoggle is an experiment into coding and cloud techniques to build a game that allows programmable robots to compete against each other and take part in a larger world.  It is by far and away my most ambitious project and therefore has no ETA for when it may be consumable by anyone except other programmers.  

Bilge & Film Flam.

Status: Not released.
Main Page: 

.net tracing framework and log viewer tool.  This is a comprehensive solution for .net developer level tracing and logging and offers cross network trace logging as well as  out to disks. This is my first venture into Open Source as the code is being shared out to a Git Hub repository as well as the privately hosted repository where the main code lives.

Archived Projects.

These projects are sadly no more, they are ex-projects.  Typically they became redundant as time moved on and things changed.

Inept Looter

Status: Archived
Main Page:

Loot addon for Elder Scrolls online written in LUA.  The Inept looter filtered loot gathered and allowed you to simply filter the loot that you gathered and ensure that low cost loot is simply disposed of.


Status: Archived
Main Page: 

Tool for temporarily disabling fxCop to speed up builds or pause scanning.  FxCop is a quality analysis tool but can slow down machines and typically there is limited benefit in running it constantly as code changes can often skip a few minutes without incurring significant technical debt.  This uses an advanced intercept approach to intercept calls to FxCop and reroute them only occasionally.

I cant hear you...

Status:  Archived.
MainPage: I Cant Hear You

Tool to mute another application when someone talks on Ventrillo.  Documentation and Dowload.

Disable Task Bar....

Status: Archived.
MainPage: Disable Task Bar (TP)
Download: Direct Zip Link. 

Disables the Task bar popup for when playing games, will be included in claptrap once it leaves preview stage. 

Status: Archived

A website thrown together over a weekend to allow updatable content by FTPing textfiles to the hosting site, to allow for simple but quick changes to things like club meetings, donated to local bike group.  
Long since dissapeared.