Development Macros

This page details the macros that are currently under development for the macros collection.  If you like the idea of these feel free to request the code to tell me whats wrong with it!

Macros that I'm currently building or testing....

DuplicateClassAndCall - Takes ClassA and creates ClassA2 then makes all of the methods on A call A2.  Effectivly inserting a layer of abstraction.

ClassToInterface - Creates an interface from a class definition.

Macros I thought were a good idea but I'm not activly working on...

AutoImeplemetedPropertyToExpandedProperty - takes  int auto {get;set; } and makes int auto{ get return pauto; } set{ pauto = value; }    

ConvertDefinesToEnum  - turns a load of C++ #defines into an enum.  

VariableToProperty - makes a variable a property