I Cant Hear You

I Cant Hear You is a tool used to reduce the volume on your game when people talk on Ventrilo.  This allows you to have the volume up on games such as Darkfall where the volume is key but still hear your friends talking on Ventrillo.  The tool injects itself into the ventrillo process and then manipulates the volume of the game using the windows sound control panel.  Unfortunately due to the restrictions windows puts in palce on controlling the volume of applications its not as simple as it should be.

Download - Alpha 1 can be downloaded here.

This download depends on the VC9 runtime.  If you get an error when pressing Add Hook check the event viewer.  If it says “Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft.VC90.CRT” then you need the runtime found here:

I Cant Hear You.


  • Download Zip
  • Extract Zip To folder
  • Start Ventrilo
  • Start the application you want muted
  • Open Sound Mixer
  • Press Add Hook (Screen should go green)
  • With Sound MIxer Visible, so that you can see the mute button of the application you want muted and the application at the same time.
  • Press the Find button and move the mouse to hover over the mute button of the application you want muted.  Do not click the button, just hover there for 3 seconds.
  • Press Activate
  • Should just work now, window goes red when app is muted
  • Once Active you can put the volume mixer anywhere - it does not need to be visible, but it can not be closed.