What is Claptrap?

Claptrap is an automation tool, aimed at controlling applications and running simple scripts.   Claptrap uses Lua to do all of the hard work. This allows it to have a full featured scripting language which is actuallydocumented thanks to the team that produce Lua.  For more info see the Claptrap Features page.


Claptrap is currently available as a set of binaries in a zip file, simply extract the zip and run the exe.  There will be a source code release for those untrusting few but it takes a little more effort to sort that out.

Current Release:

Beta1:    Beta1 Zipfile Download.

The Alpha releases, including source code and no scripts releases, have now been permanently deleted.  All users should migrate to the Beta1 release.

Claptrap depends on the framework 4.0.  You can download that here.


I provide support when I feel like it and while I test the application to make sure it doesn't destroy your machine I don't guarantee that it wont.  If you are ever likely to get upset about it malfunctioning  then don't use it.

Help And Information.

The documentation is coming on slowly, some parts are contained within the script editor other parts are here in documentation.

Claptrap Help Pages.