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  • Boondoggle, Bluestreak Iteration Completes

    Tags: boondoggle, C#

    Boondoggle iteration 2 – the Bluestreak iteration, brings scanning and navigation to the world of Boondoggle. With the scanners the bots can now see the world around them and use the scan results to … more

  • Boondoggle, Wheeljack Iteration Complete

    Tags: boondoggle, C#

    Battling C# robots, what's not to love? Boondoggle iteration 1 (the Wheeljack iteration) is finally complete. Having been working, on and off, on Boondoggle for many a month I decided to give it a … more

  • Projects

    Tags: claptrap, boondoggle

    All of the crazy and not so crazy ideas that I work on.

    Bristol Central Taekwon-Do

    Status: LiveMain Page:

    Taekwondo club website, with member logon and … more